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  • Priset 4.6
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  • Arbetet 4.5
  • Dialogen 4.4
  • Platsen 4.2
  • Framtoningen 4.1
2 dagar sedan
Ford Focus 2008
Snabbt svar, snabb service, bra pris och mycket trevligt bemötande. Solklar 5:a!
ungefär 2 månader sedan
Däck, Audi Q3 2012
2 månader sedan
Bromsar, Mercedes-Benz GLK 200 2014
2 månader sedan
Mercedes S 2010
2 månader sedan
Andra uppdrag, Volkswagen Passat 2007
Hi, The changing of part (EGR Volve) introduced a new problem which was NOT there is the car before. The problem is when car is start and standing-still, it vibrates. I googled it and found that it's something related to EGR and air in-take timing adjustment in the motor. I went back to the verkstad and they are saying it will cost me 1500 SEK more to find the problem. Why would I pay 1500 SEK when it's your fault ? I condemn this act of your and would never come back to your verkstad ever again in my life.

V59 - AD Bilverkstad - 8 jun

first off all you asked for changing the (EGR Ventil) and u got offert to chang it, so we didn't told you to change it ,second you have bought the part by yourself, we can't give you garinte for the part , we give only garinte for the jobb.
The jobb was okej
And when I asked you why you what to change the (EGR Ventil) you told us its not your car.and you don't know.
That s why I told you if you wanna we can find the problem for you for 1500 kr.
or we can put the old part but you have to pay for it.

So don't accuse us for the problem that you have from the begining.